The Baker River and Bob Marley

Waterfalls, Baker River, Rio Baker, Patagonia, Chile.

Waterfalls, Baker River, Rio Baker, Patagonia, Chile. Click the thumbnail to see a larger version.

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“How many rivers do we have to cross, Before we can talk to the boss, eh?” – Bob Marley, “Burnin and Lootin'”.

Today, Feb 6th, 2010, is the 65th anniversary of Bob Marley’s birthday. Bob is one of my highest musical heroes, and this tune, of all his great songs, is probably the one that I love the most. So, in honor of the great Bob Marley, here’s a version of his classic ‘Redemption Song‘ that I recorded a few years back with my friend Steve on vocals.


I thought this photo would be a fitting accompaniment. This photo is of the waterfall on the Baker River, beginning of a series of Class 5 and Class 6 rapids through an unbelievable canyon. The Baker River runs through central Patagonia, Chile; a river currently being dammed (illegally, I’m told by locals). It won’t be too much longer and sadly the view you see here will be no more.

I was in Patagonia, on the Baker, in 2007. It’s frustrating being so far away now, and completely removed from a situation I would gladly stand and fight against. I can’t help but wish there was something to be done, but what? This kind of endless development and pursuit of ‘more‘ is undoubtedly man’s end.

“You ain’t gonna miss your water until your well runs dry;
No matter how you treat him, the man will never be satisfied.” – Bob Marley, “Could You Be Loved”.

Bob Marley transcended musical boundaries, cultural boundaries, spiritual and religious paths; the truths he sang lashed out at political oppression and social injustice. I know he’d have seen this kind of devastation as equally destructive. “How long shall they kill our prophets?”, he asked, in ‘Redemption Song’. Perhaps the best answer is ‘as long as we continue to allow them to‘.

Thank you Bob Marley, for your music, your inspiration and redemption. Thank you to the Baker River. Thank you to the people of Chile who’ve overwhelmingly opposed the damming of the Baker (along the the BioBio and the Pascual). Thank you to my good friend Steve for your voice on this tune. Thank you to you folks for reading this. The gifts you offer us are far more powerful, important and beautiful than any number of kilowatts might be.

Muchos Saludos


6 thoughts on “The Baker River and Bob Marley

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  2. J.R. Templeton

    Thank you Carl !!! I don’t want to advertise here, but I would like to ask people to check out the Bob Marley fan page on Facebook and see what is happening !!! This is an amazing and beautiful thing !! People from all over the World coming together to spread the message of peace, love, and unity. This is how we can change the situation on this planet for good. One spark that lights an uncontrollable fire. ONE LOVE !!!

  3. Bill Leahy


    As they like to say in McCarthy, “RIGHT ON!”
    I had the good fortune to see Bob live back in 1978. Even as a 19 year-old, I knew I was experiencing something special and transcending. That event ranks right up there as one of the highlights of my life.
    Thanks for all your great work, and for the posts. Keep it up!

    P.S. Check your Winter in Alaska post from January 28. I had a question for you there, and am curious as to your response!

  4. Dave Taylor

    Damn Carl – great cover! Sounds great. It is probably sacrilege to admit – but I prefer this version over the original! I’d love to get down to Patagonia one of these days, but it’s hard to justify leaving Alaska when there is so much to shoot right here in the “backyard”.

  5. Carl D Post author

    Hey Folks,

    J.R., – always welcome to leave a post about Bob Marley’s page, anywhere. Thanks, bro.

    Bill – I did see your post, I replied to it .. I thought I sent you an email, as well. I’ll check back to the Jan 28 post in a few.

    Thanks Dave – I appreciate it, but ain’t nothing ever better than Bob’s version. 🙂

    Sergei – we have MUCH work to do.



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