2012 – a Photo Review

Hey Folks,

Just to wrap up the year for 2012, here’s a quick slideshow from the year – 30 photos from various trips. Good times and good memories. I hope you all enjoy the pictures. If you like, take a quick look at my “Year in Alaska” on video, over at Expeditions Alaska – some nice clips from the past 12 months; it’s pretty cool, if I must say so myself! 🙂

Thanks so much,



21 thoughts on “2012 – a Photo Review

  1. Mark

    Looks like a great year you had Carl. Some amazing auroras you witnessed. That brown bear facing you shot is one of the more unique and memorable ones I have ever seen. He has that look of “I am going to kick your ass…” Top notch on the polar bears also!

  2. Carl D Post author

    Hey Bill – thanks so much, man, I appreciate it.

    Hey Mark – Thanks. Like every year, I guess, some better moments and some less than moments. 🙂 Thanks on the link .. should be fixed now .. too much “http” was the problem. 🙂



  3. latoga

    Congrats on a photographic year Carl. I really like Winters Here and Arctic Sunset. Here’s to great light and safe travels in 2013!

  4. Rebecca Jackrel

    A fantastic year for sure – that brown bear cracks me up – he/she is soooo fat and fluffy – obviously had a good year itself. ;0)
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  5. Adam gibbs

    Hey Carl!

    Wow what a great collection of images. I got a good laugh out of the one huge brute of a brown bear that looks like an overgrown teddy, wow he looks huge!

    All the best,


  6. John Dunne

    Just coming over from Jim’s list and slowly working my way through Some beautiful ‘wilderness’ images Carl. Looks like it was a great year for you.

  7. Tim Mulcahy

    Sweet set of very dramatic nature shots Carl. I’m not sure I could have held the camera steady for a couple of your very up close and personal bear shots. Thanks for sharing with your more timid colleagues! All the best for a great …. and safe! ….. 2013.

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  11. Colleen Miniuk-Sperry

    Outstanding collection, Carl! Besides the wildlife shots (that’s one gi-normous bear “up close and personal” – YIKES!), I especially enjoyed your aurora pics. Thanks for sharing and thanks for all the laughs you’ve provided this year. Hope you’re 2013 is filled with much continued success and amazing light!

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