Name That Mountain: = Mt. Logan, Canada

Mount Logan, Canada.

Hey Folks,

Here’s another in the long line of ‘Name That Mountain’ posts. I’ll give you a hint; it’s huge. Really, really, really big. Bigger than Mt. Blackburn. Bigger than Mt Foraker. Bigger than Mt St. Elias. Quite a massif. The mountain is NOT in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, but the photo was taken from inside Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.

I’ll be gone as of today (friday, the 18th), and will be back in October. I’ll post more about that trip later .. check back in a week or so for a scheduled post that’s a mustelid .. way cool.

After that, well, we’ll see what the next 2 weeks brings.



8 thoughts on “Name That Mountain: = Mt. Logan, Canada

  1. Ron Niebrugge

    I have always wanted to name a mountain, especially if it could be a big, dramatic one like this one! So, I gotta go with Mount Niebrugge.

    And you can’t complain Carl since you already have one named for you in the Wrangells even if they did spell it wrong.

    Love the alpenglow!

  2. Mark

    One thing I wondered when I was up there, I am sure every peak has a name. How the heck to figure them all out?

    Couldn’t tell you on this one. Doesn’t look much like Denali – guess it wouldn’t appear this big from within Wrangell as well.

  3. Carl D Post author

    Hey Folks,

    OK, OK OK .. that was too easy .. Mt Logan, yes …. highest mountain in Canada, and 2nd highest peak in North America. This was taken from a plane, as we flew up the Chitina River .. a quick flightsee the evening before our trip to Skolai Pass. Everytime I’ve ever been in a bushplane and flown around Wrangell-St. Elias I’m in awe, it’s simply amazing. Even flying the same flight I might have done a dozen times, like up the Chitistone Valley to Skolai I get all giddy, like a small child may . I love it.

    I remember the first time I ever saw Mt. Logan. It was from a a ridge not too far from where this shot was taken, actually, on trip hiking up the end of the Chitina Valley, near the toe of the Logan and Chitina Glaciers (the moraine you see in the foreground is of the Logan Glacier). I ascended a ridge for a view, and saw what I thought was a long, ice-covered ridge just east of me .. it was so broad I had no idea it was as high as it actually is. It didn’t look like a mountain, but an escarpment or ridgeline. A quick glance at my maps said no, it could only be Mt. Logan. It’s a grand massif, and certainly one of the largest mountains in the world. Voluminous is the perfect word.

    And for those still reading, Ron Niebrugge’s comment was only half in jest .. “Niebrugge” is actually a local Athapaskan word that translates in English as “Logan”. 🙂



  4. jack

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