Grizzly Bear photo

An adult grizzly bear opens its mouth wide, teeth bared, Katmai National Park, Alaska.

Hey Folks,

OK – all the whining about ‘no bears’ brings us back to the grizzly. This adult male was kind of enough to give me a few cool poses, of which I think this is one of my favorites. There’s little more to be said other than ‘bears rock’.



3 thoughts on “Grizzly Bear photo

  1. Carl D Post author

    Hey Mark,

    I was wondering if someone might comment .. all that whining earlier about ‘more bears’, and then not a sound. 🙂

    This one is an example of how knowing a place can help. The bear was wandering up the river, following the shoreline, and I kinda knew he’d come out here. The light was just right for this type of photo, so I was pretty lucky for it to come together like this.




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