band aid in the backcountry, Alaska.

So you see here how to treat life-threatening wounds in the backcountry – with a band aid …. NOT!!!


Sergei’s new nickname on this trip is ‘bandaid’ – for any ailment, broken skin or not, he requested, and was given, bandaids. For a small cut on his thumb, a bandaid. For a blister, a bandaid. For a headache, a bandaid. For a sinus infection, a bandaid. For hunger, bandaids.

Bandaid will be coming back in 2009 for another trip, and I’m sure Johnson & Johnson are glad to hear that. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Bandaid

  1. Beth Lunsford

    I’m sure Johnson & Johnson will be ver happy!! Haven’t been online for a few weeks. I moved to the N. Ga. mountains, & it took them 2 weeks to hook up my internet. I need a laptop with wireless card! Hope you are doing o.k. Stay safe!

  2. Beth Lunsford

    N. Ga., you know, The Great Smokey Mountains! Getting as far away right now as I can from Atlanta. If I can get enough saved up, with all my bills I have, I plan to at least visit Alaska, if not move there. The wilderness is dwindling, & that’s sad. Right now, some nights, I can look out my bedroom window & see deer & black bear. It’s pretty cool. I just wanted away from Atlanta!!

  3. Carl Donohue

    Hey Beth,

    Actually, the Great Smoky Mountains aren’t in Georgia. 🙂

    Where in North Georgia are you living? Glad to hear you’re enjoying being away from the city. Congrats on the move.



  4. Beth Lunsford

    Well, it’ts right on the Ga. & North Carolina border. Right up above Blairsville, Ga. It’s so peaceful!!!

  5. Sai

    LOL…that is quite a funny story about bandaid, i mean the real bandaid..not Sergei.


    Welcome to N. GA and the border with western NC, where its beautiful :)…hope you enjoy the autumn down here.


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