Arrigetch Peaks, Gates of the Arctic National Park

Sunrise, Arrigetch Peaks, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, Alaska.

Sunrise over Arrigetch Creek, Arrigetch Peaks, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, Alaska.

Hey Folks,

I just returned from 2 awesome weeks in the Arrigetch Peaks area of Gates of the Arctic National Park. I took tons of photos, and will eventually try to load some to the blog, but don’t have time to process them all yet. I’m leaving first thing Monday morning for a week back in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, so it might be a while before I get to the images again. I’ll do what I can. In the meantime .. enjoy this pre-dawn image from the Arrigetch Peaks.

The peaks are,, left-to-right; Albatross (foreground, beneath Xanadu), Xanadu (the higher “Half Dome” looking peak), Ariel and Caliban.




8 thoughts on “Arrigetch Peaks, Gates of the Arctic National Park

  1. Neville Jacobs

    Flying over the Arrigetch a few years ago I decided it was one of those places that has a special kind of energy that some people might classify as “sacred.” It is uniquely granitic intrusive, (Im not a geologist, I just read that) a valley, and nearby is another similar formation, a massive peak. It is certainly an extraordinary place and your photo reveals that.
    Best wishes, Neville Jacobs

  2. Carl D Post author

    Hey folks,

    Thanks so much for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it. It’s an awesome place, for sure. Neville, I think Mt Igigpak is the peak you’re referring to.

    FWIW, I aim to be back here net summer, so anyone wanting to join me, let me know.



  3. Patrick Endres

    My lamentations with you about that dropped lens. I know how that valley screams for something wide to take it all in. I love the clean composition in this image and I’d love to see more of your stuff. There are few places that sing a song like the Arrigetch Peaks, and I hope it forever retains its visual power and untrammeled feel. I too hope to explore the region again next year, but perhaps from the Noatak region. Again, fun bumping into you in Alaska’s epic landscape.

  4. Carl D Post author

    Hey Patrick

    Thanks for the comment. I agree; the visual power and feel of the Arrigetch is amazing, and hopefully will remain for a long time to come. Fantastic place to visit. Would be great to meet up and shoot it some more sometime soon.



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