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The Taxonomy Man; a tribute to George Harrison and Carl Linnaeus

Fannin Sheep ewe, Alcan Highway, Yukon Territory, Canada.

Fannin sheep ewe, lying down in the mountains, Yukon Territories; Fannin Sheep are either a color morph of Dall Sheep, or a subspecies of Dall and Bighorn Sheep, Yukon Territory, Canada. No one really knows. Their scientific name suggests they’re a kind of subspecies of Dall Sheep; Ovis dalli fannini. Please click on the image above to view a larger version of this photo.

hey Folks

All things Come Together;

1) I’ve been updating my website, keywording and updating some of the information in the wildlife photos gallery. Keywording means latin words, for some weird reason. The latest in technology presents information over the internet in a language so old no one even speaks it any more – ‘cept for a bunch of ole poindexter scientists. 🙂

2) We all know, full well, April 10 marks the date the Beatles officially broke up. Bummer.

3) April 15th approaches. We all know what that means. Yikes! Way total bummer.

4) Next month, May, marks the birthday of my namesake, Carl Linnaeus.

So, let’s bring those  things together; this is a tribute to George Harrison and Carl Linnaeus. See if you can finish this; gimme your best verse. Continue reading