Kennicott Glacier

kennicott glacier in winterq

Hey Folks

Sorry it’s been a while. Not much to tell, I suppose. I have been shooting a bit, but the weather’s been lousy, so don’t have much. I’ll try to get some images downloaded to the computer so I can post something soon.

This one is from late last year. Looking across the Kennicott Glacier towards some unnamed mountains.

Still haven’t found me a wolverine, but I sure been looking.



6 thoughts on “Kennicott Glacier

  1. Pete Zwiers

    Hey Carl,

    Good to see you’re surviving the winter – it does seem to drag on around this time doesn’t it?

    We haven’t had much chance for photos this winter either. We did see a great gray owl a few weeks ago, but he didn’t stick around long for anything really stellar. We also have a fox that visits our place, but he only comes around in the dark. Wonder when they will come out with that ISO 1000000, total darkness auto-focusing camera.

    Anyway – good luck with the wolverine! I’ve got it figured out to something like 10,000 kms of walking per sighting down here. Probably about the same up there, so just keep putting in the miles! 🙂

  2. Keba

    Musa passes on to Mr. Neil Donohue, father to Carl, all hopes that things are well in Aussie land as the news of the fires is quiet horrific on this side.


  3. Ron Niebrugge

    Hey Carl,

    It sure sounds like it has been a crazy winter weather wise! I’m kinda glad I missed it. At least October and November were exceptional, and you can almost always count on March!

  4. Carl D Post author

    Hey Ron,

    Yeah it has. I’m over in McCarthy now, and I hear they’re having tremendous weather over there now .. clear and sunny, but cold. It’s cloudy and nasty here. Uggh! I’m so ready for March!

    Hey Pete,

    I need more than just a view of a wolverine – I’ve seen one before. How many steps before an actual photo do you think? I’m ready for a wolverine photo – and hoping I get one in the next couple of weeks. Just ’cause I think it’s about time.

    Thanks all.



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